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From the President

President & Representative Director

Shuichi Koyama
President & Representative Director

TB Kawashima Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 as a transportation fabric manufacturer with three parent organizations: Kawashima Selkon Textiles Co., Ltd. originated from Uedaya, kimono or traditional clothing store, founded by Jimbei Kawashima in 1843, Toyota Boshoku Corporation, having Toyoda Boshoku as its original company founded in 1918 by Sakichi Toyoda, well known as power loom inventor, and Tatsumura Textile Co., Ltd. founded by Heizo Tatsumura in 1894.

Since our start of operation in 2010, TB Kawashima has built an integrated system from planning and development to manufacturing and sales as a total fabric manufacturer for transportation interior materials. Our transportation products are used not only for automobiles but also for trains and airplanes. In addition, we supply fabrics for use in movie theaters and concert halls. Our products have been supplied to and appreciated by our customers worldwide.

Our strenuous efforts in R & D and Production Engineering have resulted in our high quality and highly efficient production capability. This has enabled us to consistently supply excellent products globally that meet the needs of our customers.

In particular, our design capability using our experience and history with traditional artistic textiles has been appreciated and well received by many customers. This design capability is not limited to the pursuit of beauty but also in terms of technical solutions to meet the challenges of new age customer needs in the areas of health, comfort, convenience, and mass reduction for the mobility space including automobiles.

From now on, in order to meet our dreams and achieve sustainable growth, TB Kawashima would like to be a company where employees work with vigor and enthusiasm, aiming to grow together with customers, and working as a team to move forward as a trusted fabric manufacturer known for our strong brand and utilization of Japanese traditional textile technologies.

Your continued support and guidance would be sincerely appreciated.

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