Notice of Change of Parent Company


TB Kawashima Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “TB Kawashima”) has decided to accept a capital investment from AUNDE Achter & Ebels GmbH (headquartered in Germany, hereinafter referred to as “AUNDE”) as of March 28, 2024.  As a result, Toyota Boshoku’s voting rights ratio of TB Kawashima will be 20%.

TB Kawashima was established in December 2009 for manufacturing fabrics for transportation equipment mainly for automobiles.  TB Kawashima already has collaborative relationship with AUNDE through joint venture in India, production consignment in the North American region, and a global business alliance agreement.  Further strengthening the collaboration with AUNDE as a controlling and major shareholder, which has a business base with European and American automakers, TB Kawashima will evolve into a truly global supplier and enhance its competitiveness, including its ability to develop new products. We are confident that this will dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

Please note that AUNDE’s investment in TB Kawashima will be implemented after obtaining clearance from the competition law authorities of the relevant countries.  Since it is difficult to predict the time required for the procedures at the competition authorities, the investment has not been finalized at this time.  We will notify you again as soon as it is confirmed.

【Shareholder Composition】

(Before) Toyota Boshoku Corporation 100%

(After)   AUNDE 80%, Toyota Boshoku Corporation 20%

【AUNDE Overview】


Seat Fabric (AUNDE), Commercial Vehicle Seat (ISRI)

Urethane, Interiors (FEHRER), Plastics (Reinert)

Head Office Location

Germany Mönchengladbach

Number of Workers

About 25,000(Consolidated)


21 Countries / 45 Plants (AUNDE)