For a better tomorrow

As a responsibility of a corporate citizen, TB Kawashima constantly makes efforts toward realization of better society and global environmental conservation. To be able to continue providing products that satisfy customers’ needs, we pursue satisfaction and happiness of our employees who make the products as well. Thank you for visiting us to see our activities.

Social Activities

TB Kawashima group is working to become a company that positively contributes to the society with an aim of maintaining trusted connections with customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders while fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. To grow in harmony with society, we engage in activities such as providing a place for learning, collecting postage stamps and eco-friendly bottle tops, donation, and beautification of our facilities’ neighborhoods, for co-existence and co-prosperity with local community.

Social Activities

Environmental Activities

TB Kawashima group aims for growth that is in harmony with the environment and strives to protect the environment in all areas of our business activities.

As a company with its principal plant in Shiga Prefecture having Echi River water system and Lake Biwa, we aim to continuously improve our environmental management system and work on the following issues in order to reduce the environmental impact, mainly on water quality, and to prevent pollution: prevention of water pollution, reduction of CO2 emissions and waste, development of products and technologies with the product life cycle taking into consideration, prioritization of environmentally conscious raw materials and equipment, etc.

We comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and agreements, etc. and support and cooperate with the environmental conservation activities the community is working on and strive for beautification and greening of our neighborhoods.

nvironmental Activities


TB Kawashima group aims to create a friendly working environment where company members can work vibrantly in peace, in consideration of work-life balance, promotion of physical and mental health, etc.